Friday, January 28, 2011


How does a young sistah from So. Central L.A. come to fall in love with martial arts? Just like everybody else, watching karate movies! Saturday mornings with Black Belt and Kung Fu Theater on channel 11 and 13 followed by re-enactments with my neighborhood buddies on the front lawn, or trips Downtown to see the latest Bruce Lee joints were the early signs of a desire that would not soon fade. Remember Enter the Dragon?

After a significant amount of begging (and fundraising) my mom agreed to let me take my first class at the Baldwin Hills YMCA, I still smile every time I pass by there -and heaven help you if you're in the car with me 'cause you're gonna hear the stories. That was in the late '70's and the times they were a'changing. Fertile soil for the seeds of Liberation, Knowledge, Wisdom and Power that filled the garden of my youth and became the roots of my Culture orchard. The love of my people and martial arts led me to the place where these two things joined together in ways I could never imagine. In my mind I was invincible and growing to learn the way of the warrior, the BKF Warrior to be exact. I trained with my BKF family until I graduated High School and left for the Air Force, gifted with my senior brother's copy of Championship Kenpo and a stern reminder to study and keep training because he'd be there when I returned and he'd 'check' to see if I had. So I did, and I have. That was over 35 years ago and I have studied various forms and styles since then, however I still stand on Black Karate Federation foundations and will always be a BKF Warrior at heart.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

To Whom It May Concern...

Greetings Fam and thanx for stopping by :)
Sooooo, what's really going on here? Welllll, some folks know that Doshe Healing Arts offers Tai Chi, Qigong and Basic Self Defense instruction. That these offerings are just the tip of the iceberg (so to speak) is not so well known. 

Doshe has a much larger vision and is my contribution to the legacy of my ancestors and my commitment to the future of our children. This blog is an opportunity to share things that wouldn't generally be a part the current classes and workshops Doshe offers; things that inform my world view, inspire my walk, feed my soul, uplift my community and positively reflect the African presence in the Americas and the world at large. Things that keep me moving toward fulfillment of the mission of Doshe Healing Arts.

What Doshe's Doing, is creating safe space for authentic expression and providing sound practices for self defense and wellness. Engaging in small daily activities that have profound life long impacts, we promote personal development and healthy relationships one choice at a time...

What you find/experience here are practical examples of what that looks like in real time. Thanx again for stopping by and if you dig what's going on be sure to subscribe and tell a friend ;) Until next time...
Peace, Love, Guidance, Protection and Prosperity in Abundance