Thursday, May 19, 2011

Home Invasion Update

Yeeaaah, so really, some guy kicked in my front door and came in my space to rip off my stuff while I was, uuhh -indisposed. Literally I got caught with my pants down :-p 
Before I go any further I'd just like to send out much love and thanks to my amazing community for all the support I've received, your concern, offers of company at my place, space in your homes to regroup,  "backup", jokes and affirmations of my ability to handle such a situation were heart felt and greatly appreciated. Y'all really are funny and fabulous for that, I love & cherish you all soooo much. And a big, Sumo sized, shout out to my brotha Ricardo for holding space and looking out for a sister during this incident AND since I found out my uncle passed last week. Ricardo, you ROCK!!!!

It's been a little over 24 hrs. and I've had lots of time to reflect on this incident *smh* the situation is really bizarre... Lots of things that were usually in place were off on this particular day. The dead bolt on the door was off, the bathroom door was closed, & I didn't respond when I heard the door buzzer -these are the major things. There were other little things as well. When I first encountered the brother (bless him) he was taking the lap top off my desk. My response? A relatively calm "Oh hell no." followed by a B.K.F. fighting stance. His response? Something verbal that I've yet to recall and a fighting stance that did not appear martial at all, in fact it was almost comical, like a little kid on the playground with one fist waaay high in the air. For the record and true to the practice of ending violence vs. meeting violence with violence neither one of us ever threw a blow. I didn't because he didn't and I deal with self DEFENSE. I can't say for sure why he didn't swing, even though he raised his fist. As I mentioned I was calm, yet guarded when addressing him. We tussled for about 3-5 mins. as he tried to get out of the apartment and I did sweep him as he attempted to run. My objective was to detain this cat and let him know that his behavior would not be tolerated. To some degree this objective was met. 

I am still examining the unfolding of it all -my response, his response, my intention in confronting him, the invasion, the interplay of reaction and response (B.K.F / Tai Chi training), Socio-Economic factors and the reality that safety does not equal immunity. I'll be sharing more on this over the next few days & weeks. 

Ultimately though, what I want to leave you with is this; I am safe and sound, in mind, body and spirit -in part due to my training and in a large part due to my community. I have had my home and vehicle broken into in the past and come home to find my belongings in shambles. In those situations I felt extremely helpless and violated. Not this time. I do not wish this on anyone nor do I ever wish to engage in any types of violence. Unfortunately we live in a very violent society and practicing self defense is wise.  I am glad that I was prepared -mind, body and spirit and remain committed to creating safe spaces and promoting peace. I encourage you to join me, in the way that you will. Until next time... Peace, Love, Guidance, Protection and Prosperity in Abundance.

Sis. Nau~T 
Founder & Program Director

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  1. I don't really know what to say other than: I love the way you handled the situation, and I find your current sense of calm inspirational. Love to you...