Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Importance of Intention

Hey now, so I'm thinking about my most recent interaction (see previous post) and the limited violence involved. I imagine some folks would like to read about how I handled this cat, let him know who was the boss, etc. However that's really not what I'm about. I love peace, AND I am prepared to do what I must to maintain safety.

"I don't believe in violence, that's why I want to stop it!" -Malcolm X

I am grateful that I did not have to hurt this young brother, clearly he was already in a significant amount of pain. The thing that is resonating with me at this moment is that my many years of hard style training that showed up first, yet my Tai Chi training was what prevailed. Do not be confused, "Martial" arts are "Combative" arts designed for war time interaction, as  is "Martial Law". While Tai Chi can be, and has been used for this purpose, that is not it's primary function. The beauty of Tai Chi continues to amaze and inspire me, as the teachings unfold. My intention, throughout all my self defense studies, has been to learn practices that will keep me safe from harm. Tai Chi has given me the opportunity to experience being safe from harming.

I encourage anyone interested in being 'safe' to look at self-defense through a different lens. One that magnifies wellness and protection for the whole; the individual, the family, the community and the environment world wide. Take good care, good people. Until next time...

Peace and Love,
Sis. Nau~T

Next post - "What Has Changed Since the Intrusion"
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