Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Great 28 -Black Love 2014 Abu Inpu Ka Mut

Yeeaaahh... This brotha right here...? What can I say? Smh. Anytime I'm at a loss for words..., actually any time I'm at a loss period, I know I can reach out to this brother for support, guidance and protection. That means more to me than you'll ever know. It is my honor to bring to you Abu Inpu Ka Mut...

Abu (Teacher) Inpu Ka Mut is a founding member of an association of
independent Khemetic (Egyptian) priests, priestesses, and monks. As a
Khemetic priest (Hm Ntr), he has provided spiritual andpsycho-social
counseling, house blessings, rites of passage and other traditional
Afrakan spiritual services for many people on the East and West coasts of
the United States. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California. As
a psychic and astrologer, Abu Inpu has provided counsel and advice to
people in the entertainment industry, small business community, and
numerous individuals.

Abu Inpu is a martial artist, yogi and founder of the Khemetic Aha and
Sema Association. His students have ranged from five to eighty-one
years of age. A former instructor and member of the Khemetic T’ai Chi
and Yoga Society, Abu Inpu incorporates T’ai Chi Ch’uan, Taoist, Hatha,
Kundalini and Pranayama sema (yoga), Rekh Hati Khemeti (Khemetic Mind
Science, a traditional meditation and healing system), and massage to
work with individuals in clinical settings as a Mind-Body Health
consultant, Self-Applied Health Enhancement Methods (SAHEM) practitioner,
and alternative health practitioner.

While studying in the priesthood,Temple of the White and Gold Lotus,
Shrine of Amen Ra, Abu Inpu developed a keen interest in the men’s
movement. Consequently, Abu Inpu Ka Mut works with males struggling with
challenges unique and unfamiliar to the process of becoming a man. He
has served as Djegna (mentor) and advisor to many men, both individually
and in groups, to support and facilitate growth and development.

A graduate of the University of Southern California, with a Bachelor’s
Degree in Psychology, and Master’s Degree (ABT) in Sociology, Abu Inpu
uses his secular and religious training to serve those who are committed
to helping themselves. Abu Inpu is a certified mediator. He also gives
presentations, facilitates workshops, and provides readings of his
original poetry.

Abu Inpu currently works as a High Conflict Community Mediator. For more info contact Abu Inpu at (213) 437-7700 or email Inpu33@jawconsulting.net

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