Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Great 28 -Black Love 2014 Refa One

Annnddd you don't quuiit... This brotha is the truth yall. A true soldier and an amazing artist to boot, he stay going hard in the paint literally and figuratively. With a fist in the air and nuf respect we present Refa One

"Writing is the song of my soul and the call of my spirit. This art work has a power – inspired by a higher power than myself. I create from a place of unconditional love for my people and the ONENESS in the universe.” -Refa One 

For well over two decades, Oakland California native Refa One has been instrumental in the development of the innovative, unorthodox genre of art known as “Aerosol Art” (Graffiti Art/Writing). Immersed in HipHop culture as a youth, the walls of urban structures became his canvas.
Refa's refined HipHop calligraphy speaks to a legacy of Style and cultural tradition born from the NYC subway painting movement . A lifetime of involvement in HipHop culture via the Universal Zulu Nation combined with his radical political awareness, has translated into a successful career as a HipHop Calligrapher, muralist, illustrator, activist, and educator. Refa One’s design aesthetic promotes culture as a vehicle for radical political and social change. His pieces are maps of vision and reflection that capture the intellectual value and heritage of the HipHop vernacular. His themes materialize in the fusion of his unique stylized letters and his use of eclectic cultural iconography. That fusion result is a multitude of powerful works engaging the spirit, intellect, and the imagination.

Check, Check it out...

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