Saturday, February 8, 2014

Great 28 -Black Love 2014 and The Digital Divide

Ok, this is a bit of a tangent… I say a bit because the digital divide is wearing me out this month and making it painfully obvious that this too, is a part of black history. I mean in reality what part of ‘living black’ isn’t? And this truth is on a level at the root of my Black Love post this month. Looking at the reality of our black story in the 21st century, how we continue to make a way and build where we are to get where we want to go. Now I’m not ballin’ out of control, however I am also not below the poverty line. This does not mean in my budget internet escapes the luxury category, and for real, getting to the places that offer ‘free’ internet in all my leisure time after making that paper to pay the bills, putting in time to support the community, nurturing family –elders, adults and youth and the time I spend frivilously doing laundry and housekeeping posting anything can be a real challenge ESPECIALLY with all the fb privacy settings and whatnot. My android affords me some online time, however what I am able to do with this device and that time is significantly limited. This is not me griping at all, I am aware that by many standards worldwide I AM ballin’ out of control and that’s really the piece that I’m getting to. That being said I will be posting on my blog and sharing on fb to avoid all the delays and to work with a more user friendly format. I am committed to introducing you to my bad ass, game changing village as we move forward with black history in accord with the original mission. Thank you for you patience, consideration and support as a sistah works it in from the roots up. Blessed love. 
Ps. I'll be working to get the first six post up here as well so you will be able to check the entire 28 in one spot. Cuz yeeeaaah, you wanna check for these folks.

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