Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Great 28 -Black Love 2014 NIA Collective

Truly an example of Black Love in action, many sistahs over the past 26 years have worked together to create a safe, nurturing space that has become a haven for healing and finding community. I am so grateful for these women... Big up NIA Collective!!!

NIA Collective was created by and for Lesbians of African descent.  The organization was founded in 1987 during the Black Caucus at the Lesbian of Color Conference in San Francisco.The word “NIA” was chosen for its meaning, purpose, in the Swahili language. African Americans are familiar with the term as the fifth principle of Kwanzaa, the Winter Harvest celebration.

The “purpose” of NIA Collective is to collectively build a network through self-definition, self-acceptance and acceptance of each other as lesbians, as people of African descent and as women.
The NIA Collective’s main project has been an annual gathering. Recently they have enlarged the vision and scope to meet the needs of lesbians of African descent throughout the year,  committing to excellent social, political, educational and spiritual health for us all!

NIA is a nonprofit organization for lesbian & same gender loving women of African descent, they  also support other groups that address the needs of lesbians & SGL women of African descent. An Oakland-based, global community celebrating same-gender loving women of African descent and the allies who support them!


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