Friday, February 14, 2014

Great 28 -Black Love 2014 Karen Seneferu

What to say, from the moment I 'met' this sistah, before we had ever spoken a word i was intrigued, activated and expanded. It was going to be an adventure of galactic proportions... and I was ready for the ride. Engaging, provocative and sho nuff bout it! I invite you to experience Karen Seneferu.

Karen Seneferu is a self-taught artist that was born and raised in Oakland California. She received a BA in English from University of California, Berkeley. Interested in how individuals can be a part of mainstream society andmaintain cultural integrity, Seneferu created a program that removed fear andanxiety for Foundational Students called Take Flight at Berkeley City College, where she teaches. The program incorporates art, technology, reading, writing and gallery visits. At the center of the program is the idea that narrative is art and art is narrative.

Senferu artwork is a cross section of her teaching, where every space has the potential for creative output, education, and healing. Thus, every space has hidden meaning; what enters into that space can be dictated by that meaning, or can transform the meaning of that space.
In coming in and taking over space, Senferu created a new art form called Technokisi. Technokisi attempts to alter and speak to the ancient form of the Nkisi through a new and innovative work of art. The Nkisi, out of the Kongo Basin, dated as early as the 16th century, was designed as a container covered by a mirror in the stomach, the head, the back, or the sex of the sculpture, which activated the power for daily life. Placing technology at the center of Technokisi becomes the mirror reflected back on those who view the video, placing the charge within the viewer as well as the containment that is viewed. These two opposing forms for Karen -the ancient and technological merge to create both a futuristic energy, grounded in a historical vehicle that navigates multiple discourses and geo-political landscapes for the purpose of healing and empowerment. 

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