Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Great 28 -Black Love 2014 Traci Bartlow

I met this sistah on the dance floor, and it's been on the one ever since! The love this woman has for our people and our culture, coupled with her talent and vision make her a force to be reckoned with and a straight up home girl for real. Prone to uplift yo vibe and enhance your funkentelechy, y'all please dig Ms. Traci "B-Love" Bartlow.

Traci Bartlow is one of the Bay Area's most mutli faceted artists. A native of Oakland California, this dancer / choreographer, photographer, poet has worked internationally in theater, film television and print. Her early beginings as "a dancer on the block" have evolved to being proficient in many dance styles including old school and new school hip hop dance, Lindy Hop, Jazz, West African dance and House. A striking beauty represented by Stars, The Agency in San Francisco she currently works in print, television and film. 
Traci is the founder and creative director of Starchild Enterprise, which is based on the African Adinkra symbol Nsoroma whose meaning translates to, 'my illumination is merely a reflection of God's or, Child of the Heavens'. This is the guiding principal for all Traci's creative endeavors. Traci is a cultural worker with over 20 years experience as a dancer, choreographer, teacher, photographer, director, producer, community organizer,  and gardener. Owner and operator of B-Love's Guest House, Traci is also an artist/activist and core member that helped to found and develop the Eastside Cultural Center
B-Love’s Guest House is a unique extension to Traci's lifestyle of wellness and creativity. Catering to the visiting artist or business professional, this guest house is a cute and spacious 5 bedroom apartment on the street level of her Victorian home. Click on this link to find out more about B-Love's Guest House.

For more info check out the tracibartlow.com and you can "like" Starchild on Facebook or follow @TraciBartlow on Twitter to find out about upcoming shows and workshops.

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