Thursday, February 27, 2014

Great 28 -Black Love 2014 Kele Nitoto

Ok yeah, this cat?... Mystifunk, as in how did the brotha make it SO funky? I remember the first time I saw him perform, I was taking classes shortly there after and having my mind blown regularly. Aside from being an amazing drummer, he's about that roots and culture in action. Bringing beats and smiles, peace and passion, and always a little something in the mix to make your brain wiggle, its that Kele Nitoto. 

Kele Nitoto is a second-generation African American percussionist. Having studied with Masters of many styles, Kele has become proficient in West African, Congolese, Afro-Cuban, Afro-Peruvian , and Afro-Haitian traditional drumming. Since 1993 Kele has performed throughout California with such groups as the children's group S.U.D.U.A. House, Award Winning modern dance ensemble Dimensions Dance Theater, Haitian group Project Reconnect, The Peruvian Dance Ensemble, Congolese troupes Ballet Lisanga, and Internationally renowned Fua Dia Congo. 
A co-founder the Black Dot Artist Collective, Kele has also become one of the Bay Area’s most sought after percussionists for R+B, Hip-Hop and Jazz. He has played with such Funk/R+B groups as Electric Church, Xroads, The Jua Theory, Hip-Hop/ band Hairdoo, and Jazz trio E.S.P., Funk group Soul Mechanix, and Bay Area blues legend Augusta Lee Collins. He currently plays with World Soul artist WolfHawkJaguar, and Haitian Dance ensemble Elwa Movement. Kele has taught hundreds of workshops and classes over the years with adults and children. He has taught at summer camps, spiritual and workplace retreats, and for countless ceremonies and celebrations. Through it all he continues to explore all aspects of percussive music, and what it can mean to those who hear it.

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